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Practical Notes

  1. Spate Irrigation, Livelihood improvement, and Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change (English | Arabic)
  2. Improved Engineering in Spate Irrigation Systems (English | Arabic | Urdu)
  3. Constructing Effective Earthen Diversion and Guide Bunds (English | Urdu | Arabic)
  4. Command Area Improvement and Moisture Conservation (English | Amharic | Urdu | Arabic)
  5. Oilseed Crops for Spate Irrigated Farming in Pakistan (English | Urdu | Sindhi)
  6. Food Legumes (Pulses) for Spate Irrigated Farming in Pakistan (English | Urdu)
  7. Sorghum Production under Spate Irrigation Systems (English)
  8. Minor Crops/ Trees in Spate Irrigation (English | Urdu | Sindhi)
  9. Drinking Water Ponds in Spate Irrigation Areas in Pakistan (English | Urdu | Arabic)
  10. Improving local grain storage in Pakistan (English | Urdu)
  11. Indigenous Trees (Arabic)
  12. Tigrinya Indigenous Spate Irrigation (Tigriniyan)
  13. Setting Up Acacia Ehrenbergiana (Salam) Plantations In the Tihama Region of Yemen (English | Arabic)
  14. Desert mushrooms and truffles in Pakistan (English | Urdu)
  15. Alternative Concepts of Water Storage in Spate Areas in Pakistan (English)
  16. Supply and Value Chains of Organic and Niche Crops in Spate Ecologies (English)
  17. Design Guidelines for Lowland Spate Irrigation Systems (English)
  18. Reducing Women’s Work Load by Electric Milk Churners (English)
  19. Guar production under spate irrigation systems (English)
  20. Cotton planting (Arabic)
  21. Traditional spate irrigation system in Al-Hajjareen – Dawan – Hadramut (English)
  22. Sesame planting (Arabic)
  23. Livestock in Yemen (Arabic)
  24. Livestock Breeds in Spate Irrigation (English)
  25. Controlling and/or Using Prosopis Juliflora in Spate Irrigated Systems (English)
  26. Codifying Water Rules and Rights (in Spate Irrigation) (English)
  27. Managing the Microclimate (English)
  28. Fodder Production with Spate Irrigation and Road Run-off (English)
  29. Improvements in the Design of Flood Diversion Structures (English)
  30. Understanding and addressing the drought in Kenya: opportunities of harvesting water with roads (English)
  31. Road Crossings for Water Harvesting in Seasonal Rivers: Non-Vented Drifts as Sand Dams (English)
  32. Groundwater Recharge and Saving in Spate Irrigation Areas. Case study, Wadi Zabid (English)
  33. Simple mechanization for dug-out ponds construction (English)
  34. Study on the Ecosystem of the Kachi Plain with Focus on Spate Irrigated Areas of Bhag Narri, Balochistan – Pakistan (English)
  35. Constructing Roads in Low-Lying Floodplains to Optimize Ecological and Economic Functions (English)
  36. Moisture Conservation Measures in Flood Prone Areas in Kenya: A Case Study of Kamukuru, Kajiado County (English)
  37. Experiences with Road Runoff Harvesting and Agroforestry in Kitui and Machakos county, Kenya (English)
  38. The Use of Trees and Shrubs in Spate Irrigation Areas (English)
  39. Macro-primary nutrient balances in flood recession agriculture on maize fields: A Case Study of the Chikwawa District, Malawi (English)
  40. Usage of Wild Trees on Private Farm Land in Spate Irrigated Areas (English)
  41. Local Vegetable Production in Spate Irrigated Areas, Experiences from The Kachi Plain Flood Irrigated System in Pakistan (English)