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Several videos on FBLS are made by members of the Flood-Based Livelihoods Network (FBLN) and other farmers, researchers and professionals. A special dossier has been dedicated to the topic of FBLS on TheWaterChannel. Dossier: ‘Livelihoods from Floods’.

Also, in partnership with UNW-DPC and with support of DUPC we are building up a series of video lectures – that can serve as direct learning and as training of trainers material. With this we hope to contribute to the objective of mainstreaming the topic of FBLS in education. You find these videos below.

Please contact us for ideas and copies.

Meeting Rural Livelihood and Climate Variability Challenges with Spate Irrigation

Abraham Mehari Haile

Water Rights and Distribution Rules in Spate Irrigation Systems

Kareem Nawaz

Minor crops in Spate Irrigation Systems in Pakistan

Kareem Nawaz

Sediment Transport in Spate Irrigation Systems

Phil Lawrence

Earthen Diversion Bunds and Spillways in Spate Irrigation

Noman Sadozai

Spate Hydrology, Wadi Morphology and Sediment

John Ratsey

Improved Traditional Engineering, Spate Irrigation in Hadreamawt, Yemen

Frank van Steenbergen

Spate Irrigation Systems in Sudan: A Missed Opportunity

Yasir A. Mohamed

Optimization of Farm Water Management, Spate Irrigation in Sudan

Janeiro Avelino

Improving Canal Irrigation in Sindh/Punjab, Pakistan

Controlling rodents – the eco friendly manner
Steven Belmain, Bastiaan Meerburg, Frank van Steenbergen

Soil Moisture Conservation and Field Water Management in Spate Irrigation

Abraham Mehari Haile

Spate Diversion Structures and Intakes

John Ratsey

Treatment of Dryland Valleys with Water Spreading Weirs on the Sahel region

Jozias Pieterse

Understanding Hydrological Process in Ephemeral Rivers

Abebe Demissie

Floods for Livelihoods in the Arid Lowlands of Ethiopia

Abraham Mehari Haile

Eritrea: Sheeb Indigenous Knowledge on Spate Irrigation System

Kebrom Emun