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About Us

The Flood-Based Livelihoods Network

is a network of spate irrigation professionals and practitioners. The network stimulates the development of programmes of implementation that improve the livelihoods of those in spate irrigation areas, exchanges experiences and good practices, helps upgrade training, identify priority fields for improvement and research and development.

Who we are

The Spate Irrigation Network was established in 2004 and transformed into the Spate Irrigation Network Foundation in 2014. The name was changed to Flood Based Livelihoods Network Foundation in 2016 – in recognition of the different flood-based livelihood systems in different geographies, all meriting more attention than provided nowadays.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote stability and socio-economic development in areas where livelihoods are dependent on floods – be it spate-irrigated areas or areas depending on flood recession, flood rise or other forms of inundation. These areas are in most cases among the poorest in the countries where they are situated and in many cases are areas where insecurity is high.

The Foundation aims to strengthen the networks of farmers and other stakeholders in flood based spate irrigation areas and to support and help implement programs on exchanging good economic and social practices and settling issues of water distribution and conflict mitigation.

For requests, contributions and suggestions: info@floodbased.org.

Country Network Team Leaders

Dr Abdul Qayeum Karim
Tesfa-alem Gebreegziabher Embaye
Maurice Opondo
MacPherson Nthara
Dr. Karim Nawaz and Allah Bakhsh
Eng. Amira A. A. Mekawi
Dr. Sharafaddin Saleh

The Flood-Based Livelihoods Network Foundation is registered in the Netherlands (KvK 61267279).

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