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Aden 1987

Proceedings of the Subregional Expert Consultation on Wadi Development for Agriculture in the Yemen 1987

These are the proceedings of the first large meeting on spate irrigation – organized in Aden, Yemen in 1987. Summary Report Conclusions and Recommendations.

Country papers:

Wadi development for agriculture in PDR Yemen by A.A. Girgira,. M. S. Maktari, H.A. Sattar, M. F. Mohammed, H. H.Abbas and H. M. Shoubihi.

Wadi development for Agriculture in Yemen Arab Republic by Tihama Development Authority by Tihama Development Authority.

Technical Background Papers (PDR Yemen):

Technical Background Papers (International):

Country Statements:

Spate Irrigation in Algeria by Abdelyagin Bencheikh Al-Husaiu and Mustafa Yettou

Spate Irrigation in Egypt by Ahmed Taher A. Moustafa, Ahmed Awad El-Meligy and Mohamed Ahmed Allam

Spate Irrigation in Morocco by Lahoen Zaqhloel

Spate Irrigation in Pakistan by Amir Nawaz Khan

Spate Irrigation in Somalia by Ahmed Hag Nurand Hasson Abdi Mah

Spate Irrigation in Tunisia by Khaled Ghalleb

The River Gash Irrigation Scheme Eastern Sudan by Hamid MahmoudHamid and Malla Munhul Malla