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Overview Papers

  1. The Potential for the Development of Spate Irrigation Systems in Pakistan (English | Arabic | Urdu | Sindhi)
  2. Spate Irrigation in the Horn of Africa: Status and Potential (English)
  3. Flood based farming practices in Ethiopia (English)
  4. Status and Potential of Spate Irrigation in Ethiopia (English)
  5. Flood Based Farming Systems in Africa (English)
  6. Spate Irrigation in Morocco (English)
  7. Flood water spreading and spate irrigation in Iran (English)
  8. Flood Based Livelihoods Systems in Kenya: Status and Potential (English)
  9. Spate Irrigation in Myanmar (English)
  10. Spate Irrigation in Afghanistan (English)
  11. A Wise Use of Flood Water Resource at the Mekong Delta of Vietnam (English)
  12. The Socio Economic Impact of Modern Spate Irrigation Systems in Yemen (Arabic)
  13. Spate Irrigation Systems in Raya Valley (Ethiopia) (English)
  14. Flood Based Irrigation in the White Volta Sub Basin: Status and Potential (English)
  15. Floodplains in Mozambique: The Scope for Shallow Well Development (English)
  16. Floodplains in Zambia: The Scope for Shallow Well Development (English)
  17. Status and Potential of Groundwater Use in Ethiopian Floodplains (English)
  18. Spate Irrigation in Nai Gaj, Pakistan: Status and Potential (English)
  19. Flood Based Tidal Irrigation System in Delta Area of Myanmar (English)