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Harnessing Floods to Enhance Livelihoods and Ecosystem Services - Flood-Based Livelihoods Network

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February 19, 2021

This research for development explores how to optimize the use of floods for agriculture and ecosystem services to support livelihoods in different landscapes and socio-economic settings in Sudan and Ethiopia.


The aim of this project is to add value to ongoing decision making concerning flood based farming systems development in Ethiopia and Sudan by including an ecosystems and landscape perspective to current or planned interventions and policies. It will assess and value synergies and trade-offs between the different functions and benefits of flood based farming systems under various development scenarios, for different stakeholders and the environment. It also will evaluate the productive functions and ecosystems services provided by flood based farming systems in the current situation and changes thereof as a result of the interventions proposed by farmers, governments and donors. Different stakeholder groups (men, women, youth, pastoralists, farmers, upstream/downstream) may benefit or lose under the different development options. Access to land and water resources is an important boundary condition.


The project will be implemented in three parts: 1) assessment of the baseline situation, separate for men, women and youth; 2) Impact assessment of proposed interventions; and 3) formulation and evaluation of alternative scenarios exploring trade-offs and synergies between benefits, costs and their distribution over stakeholder groups and the environment. Research activities are action oriented and will be implemented together with local stakeholders and relevant staff involved in these ongoing interventions, to enable joint learning.


It will be implemented by a consortium consisting of Spate Irrigation Network Foundation (SpNF), Mekelle University (Ethiopia), UNESCO-IHE (Netherlands) and Hydraulic Research Center (Sudan). It will closely work with the Bureaus of Water and Agriculture and local communities.


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