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FBLN Ethiopia

Coordinator:   Tesfa-alem Gebreegziabher Embaye



Characteristics of FBL in the country and the geographical scope

Even though the total area served by Flood-based farming systems (Spate irrigation, Flood inundation and recession, road water harvesting and flood spreading weirs) in Ethiopia not yet known, the potential is estimated to be more than 8,000,000 ha. Some of the areas practicing flood-based farming systems include Raya and Kobo valleys, Chifra, Omo Gibe basin, Konso, Boro Dodota, Borena and Wabishebele basin.

Main achievements in the past years

Strengthening our network

  • More than 200 registered members including farmers and professionals- with two registered farmer networks
  • Farmer scholarships- many farmers participated in Farmer to farmer experience sharing held in Sudan (2013), Yemen (2014) and Almanta (2016).

Research and Consultancy

“From Africa to Asia and Back Again: Testing Adaptations in Flood Based Farming systems”: (2015- date):

  • Innovative Action Research– Improving water diversion and distribution efficiency– Farmers have witnessed that, in oda, during flooding season, the number of irrigating farmers/day has increased from 4 to 10 after the construction of the hybrid system. Furthermore, the area coverage has increased by two fold. Same is true for Tsige’a system.
  • Capacity building and knowledge dissemination:
    • Regional annual regular Short Course is delivered “Watershed Management and flood-based farming systems for arid and semi-arid regions of Africa” for more than 180 East African experts in 6 cycles since 2013. Read more here or contact us for more information.
    • Practical note entitled “Improvements in the Design of Flood Diversion Structures”. – for details click here

“Multi Reservoir Operation and Challenges of the Omo River Basin: Potential Assessment of Flood Based Farming on lower Omo Ghibe Basin”
 Research study project financed by IGAD-IWRMP (2014) – for details click here

Potential Bright Spots for Flood-based Irrigation Systems in Turkana and Marsabit County, Northern Kenya (2015)
– for details click here and here

Main focus 

  • Support governmental and NGOs in East Africa on the development and expansion of flood based farming systems through dissemination of experience between countries.
  • Familiarize policy makers, implementing, research and funding agencies with development scope, experience, and practical approaches to flood-based farming systems development.
  • Undertake consultancy and advisory services on the planning, development and expansion of flood based farming systems.