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Newsletters - Flood-Based Livelihoods Network

October 28, 2021

Official Green Roads for Water Guidelines Launched Ahead of COP-26

New Guidelines and COP26 The images of floods, water shortages and forest fires are fresh in our minds. Climate change is a reality that we can no longer ignore or wish away. There is an urgent need for game changers, that create climate resilience and mitigation at massive scale. The eyes here are very much

September 20, 2021

Innovation for botanical rodenticide awarded the prestigious Olam Prize on food security

The 2021 Olam Food Prize has been awarded to the Green Rodent Consortium, consisting of MetaMeta Research (the Netherlands) and Ethiopian partners. The consortium developed and implemented a highly effective botanical rodenticide, which significantly helps controlling rats and mice to protect crop yield in Africa. Rodents are a major but largely forgotten problem for agriculture

July 19, 2021

National workshop organised by FBLN Malawi

Last Friday, September 1st, the FBLN Malawi chapter has organised a national workshop on rainwater harvesting and flood-based farming, in the capital Lilongwe. Being the first of its kind in the country, the meeting served as a platform to raise awareness on flood-based farming and its potential to boost income, food security and climate change

July 19, 2021

Newsletter August 28, 2017

Please join us in a free, open webinar on microclimate and microbiology Successful completion of international training in flood-based farming systemsThe 5th edition of the international course ‘Watershed Management and Flood-Based Farming Systems in the Horn of Africa’ was successfully concluded at Mekelle University on August 17th. Thanks to the financial support of GIZ, 33 participants

July 19, 2021

Newsletter 25/07/2017

Cover videos: livelihoods from floods in PakistanThe FBLN Pakistan Chapter has recently produced a series of videos that show a variety of aspects related to flood-based livelihoods in the country. Learn about how farmers along Balochistan’s Narri River manage their floodwaters, and how government interventions have changed traditional water distribution rules and practices. Technology is altering

July 19, 2021

Newsletter June 12, 2017

Making Water Permits Work for the Poor in Africa Save the date! Upcoming Thursday, June 15th, the IWMI, Pegasys Institute, Flood-based Livelihoods Network/MetaMeta and African Water Authorities (tbc) will shed light on the implementation of water permit systems as well as the challenges associated with this endeavour. The webinar discusses the status of such systems in

July 19, 2021

Asking for help for Yemen

Whereas we have all been promoting good practices in flood based farming, we now want to draw your attention to a horribly bad experience: the willful destruction of spate irrigation facilities in Yemen’s Tihama region. The Tihama was once the food basket of the country, but the aerial bombing of irrigation facilities has reduced the

July 19, 2021

Newsletter 12/09/2016

Dear all, First of all, we want to wish you Happy Eid! Webinar “Water Rights and Water Conflicts” We also want to draw your attention to the upcoming free webinar “Water Rights and Water Conflicts” While land rights are recorded systematically in most countries, water rights are not. This makes it easier for vested interests

July 19, 2021

Newsletter July 19, 2016

Dear all,Hope things are fine with you!We are happy to have a couple of things to share with you – all turning floods into assets, as is our motto…. Facebook Page  of Spate Irrigation Network! To get more attention for flood based farming systems the Spate Irrigation Network Foundation is available on Facebook! Click here to check

July 19, 2021

Newsletter March 7, 2016

Dear Spate friends, We have a couple of things we would like to inform you about! 1. New country networksFirst of all, we are excited that we are starting with country networks in five more countries: Afghanistan, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar and Somalia. In the ongoing Leadership, Course plans have been made on starting in these