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Spate News November 2011

July 05, 2021

Dear all,

We hope you are all doing well.

Here is a short update on spate activities!

New overview papers:

There are new overview papers on spate in different countries – Iran, Morocco, Kenya and coming soon overview papers on flood based farming in Ethiopia and Africa. We want to keep preparing these overview notes – as they help to spot the often still unknown – suggestions for documentation in other  undocumented countries are welcome, esp. in Central Asia and in South America.

Translations of practical notes:

Please check the documents section on spate notes – several of the notes are now available in Arabic and in Amharic whereas translations in Urdu are on the way.

Mainstreaming spate irrigation in education:

A double degree course between unesco-ihe and haramayauniversity in ethiopia has started. also we have started to tape lectures to be used in education. let us know if you want to know more.


New videos are being prepared. please check out www.thewaterchannel.tv for an instructive video on the post 2010 flood rehabilitation work in the spate areas of Pakistan

Uncovering great wisdom:

The Hadramawt in Yemen is an area with a very long history in spate irrigation – with sophisticated techniques used such as traditional bed stabilizers, conical abutments and escapes – these are documented in a book of which we have a few hard copies to share wherewas the soft copy in Arabic and in English is available of course at www.spate-irrigation.org.

Scanning documents from the pre-digital years:

We have started to scan several ‘old’ but very useful documents (essentially Phil Lawrence’s library) and will start placing them in the library section – studies on flows and hydrologeology etc.

Upcoming – Google Maps:

(courtesy John Ratsey) We hope to soon put in a link to several spate sites on google maps.

We look forward to hear from you – for suggestions, request, contributions, please mail: info@spate-irrigation.org.

Have a nice day

Abraham and Frank