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Spate News February 2012

July 05, 2021

Dear spate friends,

We hope all is fine.

We want to draw your attention to a number of things.

There are many new “gems” on the spate website. In Pakistan we have started to scan the original land and waterrights documents and the first one is in the library section.  Also you will find the newengineering manual in the training section of the website. Furthermore we have been scanning a number of documents from the pre-digital age including groundwater studies in the spate areas of coastal Yemen and the historical Gazetteer of the DG Khan in Pakistan. We also recommend a very interesting document on floodwater spreading in Niger. You will find it all in the library.

Also the Double Degree course on spate irrigation between Haramaya University and UNESCO-IHE has started. In this first year it is with three MSc students, but we expect this to increase.

On the educational front: Five MSc students have started to work on spate irrigation systems (different aspects) in Sudan.

We also finalized a number of new Overview Papers on spate irrigation and flood based farming in Kenya, Morocco and Iran. Different Practical Notes are been translated in Arabic and Urdu. These are also available in the resource section.

On www.thewaterchannel.tv you will find several new videos on spate irrigation including a short introduction clip and the first few lectures from a larger series.

Finally, this year there will be a new edition of the short course. This time the course will pay more attention to all different types of flood based farming. The course will be in September, please register at UNESCO-IHE!

Enjoy the day,

Abraham and Frank.