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Spate News, April 2011

July 05, 2021

Spate News April 2011

We hope you are all doing fine!

We would like to update you on some news on spate:

First of all and very important, the collaboration with ifad under the heading ‘spate irrigation for poverty alleviation and rural growth’ has gone off to go a start. under this program the network will be strengthened – in particular in four countries (Yemen, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Sudan); cross country pilot activities will be undertaken, the practical knowledge base will be strengthened (with more and translated practical notes), support to mainstreaming spate in education a, support to policies in the different countries and also hands-on support to a number of ifad projects.

We also want to ask you for ideas on a number of fronts: we want to document spate systems in lesser known countries; get innovative work and documentation-like msc research work going; put together a videos on spate irrigation to familiarize those not so familiar. Please write us with suggestions and proposals.

Also, we are happy to have a number of very special documents in the library – in particular (1) the documentation of traditional irrigation systems in the hadramawt in yemen – incl some very sophisticated spate systems and (2) the  irrigation magnum opus of the gash system by swan – the latter scanned with the help of ian.

We are in the process by the way of revamping the website!

Also we want to alert you to the summer course again in delft from 5-16 september 2011 – for details pls see: http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Education/Short-courses/Regular-short-courses/Spate-Irrigation-and-Water-Management-under-Drought-and-Water-Scarcity

Have a very nice day

Abraham and Frank