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Social Water Studies in the Arab Region State of the Art and Perspectives - Flood-Based Livelihoods Network

November 22, 2021
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Social Water Studies in the Arab Region State of the Art and Perspectives

Title: Social Water Studies in the Arab Region, State of the Art and Perspectives
Author: Manar Fayyad, Serena Sandri, Matthias Weiter and Dimitrios Zikos (Edtrs.)
Type: Seminar Proceedings
Description: This publication comes as the natural continuation of discussions initiated in the conference and draws on lessons learned and material collected from the participants. Against this background, the collection of papers included in this volume provides a stock-taking of social science research on water issues in the Arab region and illustrates why and how a social science perspective could – and should – be further developed in the region.
The chapters of this volume deal with a multitude of issues, illustrating a panorama of social sciences’ perspectives on water governance, groundwater management, infrastructure development, and on water use behaviour and education. Most of the chapters have a strong empirical focus and deal with specific case studies, while some also address the overarching policy dimensions. This volume ultimately aims at providing a stimulus for the development of social water studies in the Arab region, which the editors believe to hold great potential for valuable lessons that would allow improving water governance worldwide. It is our hope that this volume will contribute to the international dialogue and exchange among researchers, policy makers, and key stakeholders not only in the region but also beyond, and that it will also encourage practitioners to join, feed, and challenge this dialogue.

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